What is WDAGUtilityAccount in Windows 10? Should I delete it?

If you open the Command Prompt and run the command net user on your Windows 10 system, you may see a WDAGUtilityAccount entry. What is this? Is it malware? What exact role does it play, and is it safe to delete it? Let us find answers to these questions in today’s post.


WDAGUtilityAccount in Windows 10

WDAGUtilityAccount is a user account that is managed and used by the system for Windows Defender Application Guard scenarios.

WDAGUtilityAccount is a part of the Windows Defender Application Guard. It stays disabled until Application Guard is enabled in your device. There are more than one gadget money owed that are integrated to Windows and WDAGUtilityAccount is certainly one of them.

When enabled, you can see an alert to your log answer for a brand new local account created for username: WDAGUtilityAccount (Event ID 4720 or 4722).  It can at instances get in your way – for instance, while trying to delete a document, you’re induced with Access is denied, administrator permission is vital message. When you pick to ignore it and press ‘Continue’ you get any other message pronouncing you want the permission of some other account – WDAGUtilityAccount. But this is on your security.

You can verify if WDAGUtilityAccount is active on your system as follows:

  1. Open WinX Menu
  2. Select Computer Management
  3. Expand System Tools
  4. Expand Local Users and Groups
  5. Double-click the Users folder, and there you will see it!

Double-clicking on it will open its Properties. Here you will be able to see if it is active or not.

Can you delete or rename WDAGUtility account

Since the WDAGUtility account is a unique system managed account’ in Windows 10, we do no longer advocate that you rename or delete it the use of the Administrator account.

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