Withings ScanWatch review

Quick verdict

We've thoroughly enjoyed wearing the ScanWatch - it's a great smartwatch for those who want health tracking but aren't fussed about apps and loads of smart features.

  • Attractive design
  • Good tracking
  • Hybrid looks
  • AFib detection
  • Slightly clunky navigation
  • Limitations by design
Withings has cut out a decent cut of the smartwatch market as its own by perceiving that a lot of individuals really aren't all that complained by the extravagant shows and savvy highlights of these cutting edge watches. Stripping those back and giving all the precise wellbeing and wellness following you could require, with an essential simple watch face and little showcase for usefulness, has made Withings' watches famous in light of current circumstances. The ScanWatch wraps together every one of those valid statements, in addition to brings both atrial fibrillation identification and SpO2 observing to the table, making for a convincing and smart bundle.


  • 38mm or 42mm sizes with simple countenances
  • 22mm swappable tie
  • 5ATM water opposition
  The ScanWatch, as is unpreventably clear when seeing it, is a half and half watch that can without much of a stretch pass for a standard watch if its little screen isn't on. On that level, it's an incredible achievement - this is a truly tasteful looking watch at the cost.  
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  It has a moderately straightforward plan, without a lot of ornamentation. Its hefty and strong feel summons quality, while there are no plastic or modest components cutting the general bundle down. We've been utilizing the 42mm form of the watch, which is of a good size yet a long way from excessively huge. The littler 38mm form has a moderation about it that we truly like, as well. Notwithstanding the size you settle on, you'll get a neatly planned watch with an obviously clear face and no distinctions on the highlights or battery front between the two. The two sizes are likewise accessible with a dark watch face, further enlarging their possible appeal to individuals' changing styles. The ScanWatch utilizes standard 22mm lashes. It accompanies a default dark one produced using fluoroelastomer - it seems like really ordinary silicone material - which is a helpful decision for a watch that you're urged to utilize when working out. We regularly traded the lash out for a calfskin identical when we weren't running or playing sport, which is anything but difficult to do.
The watch's dial is an advanced crown - much like that included on the Apple Watch - and gives command over the restricted arrangement of menus that you can cooperate with on the little PMOLED show. Tapping the crown rejuvenates this, so you can look through different settings or set a movement clock. This is direct, in spite of the fact that the size of the showcase implies that it can now and then be a touch heartless to get where you're attempting to go. The entire face is secured by scratch-safe sapphire glass, which is clear and all around picked, while the watch in general oversees 5ATM water obstruction - which means it'll be fine down to profundities of 50 meters. withings-scanwatch-review

Brilliant highlights and battery life

  • Restricted notices as it were
  • 30-day battery life
  As is ideally getting clear, Withings isn't selling the ScanWatch on the possibility that it very well may be a trick all smartwatch. There are far less savvy includes here than you would get on the off chance that you went for a full-show smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 5 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. While you can get vibration alarms to tell you a call or message is approaching, you'll battle to peruse what they contain on the little presentation, and notices are adequately the restriction of what you can do. There's no music control, not to mention playback, and you won't have the option to form message reactions or much else progressed that way. There's likewise no voice right hand or a comparative framework. In any case, it merits calling attention to that these don't feel like negative notes on a watch this way. The ScanWatch has no misrepresentation at offering further developed brilliant highlights, so there's no issue with their nonattendance. On the off chance that you need a smartwatch that will let you accept calls and direct messages, you're in an ideal situation looking somewhere else. Nonetheless, that pared-back methodology makes the ScanWatch exquisite to utilize a lot of like a conventional mechanical watch. You can utilize it to begin an exercise or get you up toward the beginning of the day, however you can likewise wear and use it like a normal watch and overlook that it's brilliant by any means. That is supported by sublime battery life, which stretches to 30 days in case you're not utilizing an excessive number of its further developed wellbeing highlights normally. We found this promoted life held up under our testing, and supports the watch's capacity to follow your rest without requiring a short-term charge. Withings affirms that this battery life will be lower if clients need to use the watch's AFib recognition day by day, or set it to screen breathing examples consistently (rather than all the more intermittently as suggested) - however it'll actually last during a time to say the least, separating it from all the more completely included smartwatches. withings-scanwatch-review

Wellbeing following

  • Pulse and action following
  • AFib identification and SpO2
  • Fastened GPS
  The genuine foundation of Withings' business is its wellbeing following - and the equivalent is a lot of genuine with regards to the ScanWatch's greatest qualities. This is one of the most developed wellbeing following watches you can discover anyplace at the present time, as it can assist you with increasing a quite extensive perspective on your wellness and prosperity. The feature augmentations to the ScanWatch contrasted with past Withings watches is atrial fibrillation discovery, which can assist with checking the consistency of your pulse. It can likewise check for breathing unsettling influences while you rest, giving it an intense edge over easier pulse screens. In any case, it additionally does an entire pack else plus, including standard pulse following, SpO2 checking, full action following (counting steps, calories and separation), an altimeter to follow the number of floors you go up or down, rest cycle following, and movement modes for a wide scope of sports (from hurrying to football, tennis and then some). The ScanWatch's following was exact in our testing, coordinating up pleasantly with control tests from Fitbit's Versa Lite smartwatch. Regardless of whether we were on a lethargic walk, taking a light run, or playing tennis for an hour and a half, the pulse information was steady and simple to audit. Finishing an exercise utilizing the computerized crown wasn't exactly as speedy as we'd like - expecting us to hold down the crown multiple times - yet that wasn't a very remarkable detour. That exploring of information is through Withings' Health Mate application, which is astonishingly simple to explore. Your information adjusts to your telephone naturally, despite the fact that the ScanWatch can store five days' worth before that is required, just in the event that you're ever without your cell phone for a couple of days. On the application you can audit your action rates constantly, week or month, and can without much of a stretch zoom into earlier days or explicit exercises to perceive how you performed. Rest following works similarly, and will be right away recognizable to any individual who's utilized Withings' Sleep Analyzer. The following is correspondingly strong, as well, despite the fact that the ScanWatch isn't the lightest for wearing for the time being.  
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  Heath Mate likewise makes it simple to change the settings to the extent notices and cautions go, and you can download any product refreshes for the watch through it, as well. It's a balanced framework that shows the advantages of the long periods of emphasis and improvement Withings has placed into it. withings-scanwatch-review


The Withings ScanWatch is one of those superb bits of innovation that incorporates so well into life that you can pretty much forget about it. That feels like it's by plan - its following ticks away out of sight with amazing exactness, regardless of whether you're out on a run or simply having an ordinary work day - on the grounds that you won't generally be worrying about charging it. The ScanWatch looks incredible as well, with that clean-yet premium crossover plan, and keeping in mind that the tie it accompanies isn't super-superior it's effortlessly traded out for whatever 22mm elective you need. Generally speaking the ScanWatch is an appealing bundle with top-grade following, despite the fact that most would agree that you can likewise pick another option on the off chance that you need significantly more keen highlights - and it won't cost considerably more. In any case, in the event that you think a half and half smartwatch could be the correct pick for you, they don't come in a way that is better than this.

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