Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: What Are Secret Packs?

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Archetypes are one of the most important aspects of . Each of the is built around one, and by building your deck around a specific group of monsters, you can take it from a pile of cards thrown together into a well-oiled and optimised duelling machine.

To help with that, Master Duel has Secret Packs. Time-limited booster packs tailored specifically to your favourite archetypes, a big part of the game revolves around finding and unlocking these packs. Here is everything you need to know about Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel's Secret Packs.

Updated February 7, 2022: Konami has explained to us what the statistics for each Secret Pack means, so now you know exactly which archetypes will appeal to you.


What Are Secret Packs?

Booster Pack

Secret Packs are booster packs, just like the usual Master Pack or Selection Pack you can buy through the store.

However, Secret Packs differ in a few important ways. First, they all focus on a different archetype. If you need more cards for your Inzektor deck, the Insect Metamorphosis Secret Pack will give you a lot of what you need. Likewise, Toontastic is full of things for the ever-popular Toon archetype, like Toon Kingdom, Toon Black Luster Soldier, and the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.

Each pack costs 100 gems (), and includes eight cards. Four of them will be guaranteed 'feature cards' that directly fit the archetype, while the other four could be virtually anything.

The catch is Secret Packs are tricky to find. Not only do you have to unlock them, they're only available for 24 hours when you do. In that 24 hours, you can buy as many as you want, but after the time is up you'll have to re-discover it to find more. Fortunately, finding Secret Packs is pretty easy, and there are ways of extending the countdown if you need more time to scrounge up some gems.

Finding Secret Packs

New Card Pack

There are two ways to find a Secret Pack.

The first is just through opening any kind of booster pack. Each SR (Super Rare) or UR (Ultra Rare) rarity card you pull will unlock the Secret Pack it is a "featured card" for. For instance, if you open a normal booster pack and find a Naturia Landoise, you'll unlock Denizens of the Sacred Tree Grove, the Naturia-themed Secret Pack.

The second way to unlock a pack is by through the deck builder. When you do, you'll either unlock its related Secret Pack, or potentially even be awarded with one free to open.

Importantly, doing either of these things will also reset that Secret Pack's timer back to 24 hours.

Secret Pack List

Secret Packs list

Packs are rated in three key areas: power, technical, and Hold the Line. While there was a lot of confusion at launch as to what these categories mean, Konami reached out to us and offered an explanation:

  • Power is all about the destructive abilities of the cards in the archetype. If there are lot of monsters with high attack stats, or lots of cards that can outright destroy things, the power rating will be higher.
  • Technique refers to how adaptable the deck is. A high technique rating can respond to what's going on in the game better, and may have more contingiency plans for if their main strategy is hampered.
  • Hold the Line has the vaguest name of the three, but it simply means how long it takes for a deck to 'run out of gas'. Decks that can duke it out over a long duel have a high Hold the Line rating, while those that need to win quickly or risk stalling have a lower one.

This is an incomplete list that will be updated as new packs are discovered.

Pack Name Power Technical Hold the Line
Destiny's Sorceress 3 3 3
Sword of the Seventh One 4 2 2
Insect Metamorphosis 5 2 4
Enchanted Threads of Shade 4 4 3
Number Recall 4 4 3
Three-Strike Success 5 3 4
Traditions of Trickery 4 3 3
Tournament Athletes 3 3 3
Souls of the Sublime Gods 4 4 4
Champions of Hope 5 3 3
Nebula Cyclone 5 4 3
Essence of Flora and Ocean 3 3 4
Galaxy War 5 4 3
Valiant Gladiator Beasts 4 4 3
Gods of Abyss and Arcadia 4 4 3
The First Heroes 4 4 3
Soaring on Darkest Wings 4 3 4
Indomitable Knights 4 4 4
Invulnerable Iron Wings 5 4 3
Bujin's Vault of Heaven 4 4 4
Warriors Unite! 4 3 3
Toontastic 3 4 3
Rapid Aircraft Advancement 5 3 4
Secret Fighters 4 4 4
Space-Time Transcendents 4 4 3
The Infinite Void 5 4 4
Immortal Royalty 4 4 4
Dragon Luster 4 4 4
Denizens of the Sacred Tree Grove 2 4 2
Fires of This World and the Next 5 3 3
Supernatural Elements 5 3 3
Cosmic Mechanical Entities 4 3 4
Seekers of Witchcraft 4 4 4
Shot Through Fiction 5 4 4
Glacial Seal 3 4 4
Primordial Rising 5 3 3
Dreadnought Advance 5 2 2
Immovable Samurai 5 3 3
Beloved Dolls 4 4 4
Exquisite Jet-Black Rose 4 3 3
Neo Space Comrades 4 3 2
Star-Studded Futures 5 4 4
The Darkness Amuses 4 3 3
Great Shogun's Rule 4 4 4
Advanced Warriors 4 3 3
Shifting Gears 3 2 4
Pyroxene Relinquished 4 4 4
Miraculous Advent 4 4 2
Prank Panic! 4 3 3
Rites of the Mirrorworld 4 4 4
Timeworn Legacies 3 3 3
Life Force Control System 5 3 3
Colossal Mech 5 3 3
Guided by the Noble Blade 4 4 4
Artistic Angel 3 3 3
Monster Overdrive 5 4 2
World Cloaked in Magical Power 5 3 2
Yearning Evil Body 3 4 3
Knowledge of the Mythlords 4 4 3
Moonlit Avian Dance 5 3 3
Transfigured Heroes 4 3 3
Blazing Fortitude 4 4 4
Mother Nature's Snare 4 5 3
Singular Strike Overthrow 4 4 4

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